Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Each day in the summer I have "school" for Caleb while the twins are taking their morning nap. Each day we learn a new skill. I am so proud of him. Yesterday I introduced the letter A but we are learning the sounds first instead of the letter name. He could pick out the letter A in a book and say its sound. Today we went over our letter sounds and vocabulary and did math. He can count up to 21 and knows all his colors and most of his alphabet. I introduced patterns and he could tell me what was suppAdd Imageose to come next. He probably got 2 out of 5 but I was very proud of him. We learned about Adam and Eve during our Bible story and everything this week revolves around the letter A. He really thrives with structure and one on one time.

We are working on patterns. This was around 9:30 and we still haven't gotten any clothes on yet.


Ashley said...

What a wonderful idea... Caleb is such a smart boy.

Anonymous said...

He's so smart (it must be nice to have brains and looks)!

Anonymous said...

Oh my word your school sure is lenient on school uniforms...LOL. Caleb is sooo smart!


Beccalynn81 said...

Wow...I can't believe you can get all that done! I'm impressed! Go Caleb!

Anonymous said...

Can I bring Kennedy over for lessons with Caleb? He is doing awesome! I am amazed that you can fit that all in!!!

Hope you all are having a great summer,