Friday, August 29, 2008

Wagon Ride

On a positive note (despite the bee sting incident) I took all the kids on a wagon ride. I had Colby with Caleb in the wagon and Colby was in his bumbo seat and Caylin was strapped in a carrier sling in front of me and here we go riding and pushing the wagon. It was a mess as you can imagine but we had a good time!!!!

1st Bee Sting

I was called to Caleb's preschool today because he got stung by a bee. He has never been stung before and I wasn't sure if he was allergic but luckily he wasn't. He screamed bloody murder from what they said but when I got there he came running to me and said mama I got stung and I asked him why he was fighting with the bees, LOL!!!

He is a mess. I think he is at that age of clumpsiness because he never pays attention to what he is doing and has a 100 boos boos on him from falls and running into things. He must have a one track mind.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Funny Things

The kids say and do the funniest things at time. Caleb was looking at Colby (who is bald) and then looked at Caylin and said Caylin stole Colby's hair, he was so serious.

Dave was helping put Caylin to sleep and had her on the floor while he went and got a bottle and she was so funny because she wanted her daddy and went rolling after him. She almost made it out the door but it blocked her.

Colby has this new thing where he shakes his head no when he gets sleepy. I was asking him a question and asking him if he was ready for bed and he kept shaking that head no over and over, it was so cute.

New Preschool

Caleb and one of the babies went to open house today to visit their new preschool. I have been so nervous for Caleb because he has attended his old preschool since he was 3 months old and we have had to switch him because the old preschool will no longer have an infant program so I had to find a place to take all of them. He went to meet his teacher and he went right in and started playing with the toys. I think he will do good. I told the teacher to go ahead and put a name on the timeout seat for him because he will probably visit it a lot, LOL!!

First Day of Preschool!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Cardboard Testimony (click on link)

I was watching this powerful video and it really spoke to me. I was thinking what would my cardboard testimony be?? Colby went to the pediatrician today to see about fever he was running over the weekend (he is fine) and the doctor was telling us that he has only walked over 2 kids to the hospital in his career and Caylin was the second one. He was telling us how blessed we are because she almost didn't survive. This got me to thinking and here is what my cardboard testimony would be.
My daughter had a 50/50 chance of survival

She was healed by God and is one of his miracles.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mixed Feelings

I am starting back school tomorrow. I have mixed feelings because I am ready to get back in the swing of things but don't want to leave my babies. I have been home with the kids for over 5 months. I cried and cried just thinking of someone besides me keeping my sweet angels.

I know everything will work out but it is hard leaving the loves of your life.

Think about me in the hard few weeks to come and getting adjusting....

Friday, August 15, 2008

Mommy Sleep with Me

Caleb has been going through this stage where he thinks he needs some company at night. The other night he was hollering down the hall Maammmmma sleep with me and me being the tough mother that I am went to my room and grabbed my pillow and slept with him, LOL!!! I know I gave in but he sounded so sweet.

I will let you know the bad habit I started............

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Formula Strike

Oh my goodness, I have had a time with Colby. He has decided to go on a formula and bottle strike. I have been forcing him to eat and let me tell you that is very stressful and frustrating. I took him to the doctor and his ears and throat checked out good and he has gained weight (13.5 now) and the suggestion was to change formula. When I heard that I was like oh my not again. I was thinking it was thrush so they gave him some medicine to take for 7 days but nothing was making a dent so I did some research and I saw some comments about Enfamil Lactofree and the sweet taste so I got me a can and you know what, he took it! Thank goodness!! I thought ok this must be a fluke and I try to sneak in his other formula and he refused to take it and cried. Now tell me how does a 5 month old baby know and how does he suddenly think he needs another formula. I can't wait till they are both off formula. I hope he continues to do well. It I would have known to change a few weeks ago it would have been so much easier. I have been battling him for 3 weeks. Anybody ever had this happen to them??

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I would like everyone to remember a few unspoken prayer requests for me. I truley believe prayers work and I have seen it first hand in many situations in my life.

I think that prayer in numbers work. Thank you for your prayers!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Almost School Time

I can't believe my summer is almost over. I have been out of school for 5 months and it will take some time adjusting. My mother-in-law was so gracious to keep the kids this past Friday so I could get some things done at school. I am so glad she came and spoiled the kids for me.

I am going to miss the kids but I am looking forward to getting back in the swing of things and working again. Doesn't summer fly by.....