Thursday, October 23, 2008

Toys, Pumpkins, and Pulling Up

The kids have decided that despite all the money we have spent on toys they are satisfied with a basket with rattles and knicknacks. They have had more fun pulling and putting things back and forth in that basket.

With Halloween coming up, Caleb helped carve his first pumpkin. The rest of us looked on. He was so excited about it "lighening" up.

The kids and I went to the Dollar Store, yes I did it by myself and probably won't for awhile, it was a mess. I had all the kids sitting up in the buggy so of course there wasn't any room to put anything but I was shopping and looked around and little Caylin is standing in the buggy. She has pulled herself up and looking around. This is a first for her. She looked like a little baby doll in the buggy. I was so tickled to see her. The picture below is her pulling up on a toy at the house. Poor little Colby, he is our observer and not in a hurry for any movement yet.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Developmental Milestone

The babies have mastered sitting up and Caylin is on to crawling. She is doing pretty good. She is crawling on her belly more but gets up on her all fours at times. Colby is content sitting up and observing and Caleb is busy making sure no one touches his toys. The personalities are so different.

Colds Go Away

Yes once again the kids have a cold. The babies have been so congested and coughing that they are miserable. Caleb has had a runny nose but nothing major. The twins finally had to go to the doctor and he prescribed them some congestion and cough medicine. I have lathered them up with baby's vicks vapor rub so hopefully that will help. It is no fun with sick kids :(

Winter hasn't even got here and we are already starting the colds....I am saving up my sick days and recruiting the grandmas!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Sitting Up

(playing sweetly)

We are well on our way to sitting up. The babies are doing pretty good but not yet mastered all the way. They can sit up for a few minutes before falling over. Caylin is scooting across the floor and crawling a little bit.
They are all a mess.

6 months old

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

I am reading this book Don't Sweat the Small Stuff and it is very encouraging and insightful. I have to share this tibit that I read.
"On many occasions while writing this book, our four-yearo-old daughter has walked into my office and interrupted my work, which can be disruptive to a writer. What I have learned to do is to see the innocence in her behavior rather than to focus on the potential implications of her interruption. I remind myself why she is coming to see me- because she loves me. When I remember to see the innocence, I immediately bring forth a feeling of patience."
I know I tend to get involved in what I am working on and get frustrated at the little distractions but I am going to try to remember the innocence and how my babies just want my attention and they will not be little forever.