Monday, June 30, 2008

Getting Started

I am so excited about this blog. My cousin motivated me to start an update on the family like she did.
I get to thinking how my days are tough at times. I have 3 beautiful babies, when I say babies I mean 3 children 2 years old and under. It is amazing how the mornings go by so fast because their is so much to do. The kid's personalities are so different. Caleb is on the go and has lots to say. Colby is very content and laid back (thank goodness) and little Caylin is a mess. She demands all the attention on her. I never in a million years thought I would have 3 little kids sooo close in age. It has been a tough few months but I am so grateful for all my little angels. Somedays you want to pull out your hair but the good always outweighs the bad. I am so grateful the Lord gave me beautiful children and the strength to do this.