Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Colby & Caylin

It was this day at 1:30pm Colby Parker was born and 6 minutes later at 1:36pm, Caylin Leigh was born. We had the babies party last Saturday. It was a barn yard theme. They had cupcakes and received lots of toys. They both got a baby swimming pool together from Dave and me. Caylin received a baby stroller and baby dolls and other goodies. Colby got a train toy and outfits. They both got a picnic table to play on as well.

I am so blessed to have these angels. I can remember the day perfectly. I was put on bedrest and I was on bed rest starting my second week. I was going to the doctor at least twice a week. It was March the 10th, a Monday, and I had been having contractions but nothing too horrible. I made it to the doctor and was dilated to a 3. My doctor said I was not going anywhere because I was in active labor. I was admitted to the hospital. It was a slow labor process. I finally dilated to a 7 the next day, yes I said the next day, it was a long labor. The twins labor was much easier than Calebs because I went in labor on my own. The hospital had tried to stop my contractions Monday but it didn't work and they were coming. I was taken to the operationg room and didn't get to be in the birthing room just in case I had to have an emergency c-section but I didn't have to. It was an easy delivery and each baby came out fine. Colby weighed in at 4lb 9oz. Caylin did not cry when she came out and had to have oxygen. She weighed in at 4lb 4oz. They were so tiny. They stayed in the NICU for two weeks as feeder and growers. They did great and had no prematurity problems. They were born 4 1/2 weeks early. Their due date was April 16th. I can't believe they were so small at one time but now a big boy and girl. They had a great birthday and it was a success.
She LOVES to eat!
1 years old

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Leave it to Maxine (the cartoon character)

Leave it to Maxine to come up with a solution for the mess that America is in economically now

I bought a bird feeder. I hungit on my back porch and filledit with seed. What a beauty ofa bird feeder it was, as I filled it lovingly with seed. Within aweek we had hundreds of birdstaking advantage of thecontinuous flow of free andeasily accessible food.But then the birds startedbuilding nests in the boardsof the patio, above the table,and next to the barbecue. Then came the poop. It waseverywhere: on the patio tile,the chairs, the table ..everywhere!Then some of the birdsturned mean. They woulddive bomb me and try topeck me even though I hadfed them out of my ownpocket.And others birds wereboisterous and loud. Theysat on the feeder andsquawked and screamed atall hours of the day and nightand demanded that I fill itwhen it got low on food.After a while, I couldn't evensit on my own back porchanymore. So I took down thebird feeder and in three daysthe birds were gone. I cleanedup their mess and took downthe many nests they had builtall over the patio.Soon, the back yard was likeit used to be .... quiet, serene....and no one demanding theirrights to a free meal.Now let's see.Our government gives outfree food, subsidized housing,free medical care and freeeducation, and allows anyoneborn here to be an automaticcitizen.Then the illegals came by thetens of thousands. Suddenlyour taxes went up to pay forfree services; small apartmentsare housing 5 families; youhave to wait 6 hours to be seenby an emergency room doctor;your child's second grade class isbehind other schools becauseover half the class doesn't speakEnglish.Corn Flakes now come in abilingual box; I have to'press one ' to hear my banktalk to me in English, andpeople waving flags otherthan 'Old Glory' aresquawking and screamingin the streets, demandingmore rights and free liberties.Just my opinion, but maybeit's time for the governmentto take down the bird feeder. If you agree, pass it on; if not,continue cleaning up the poop